Logo refresh, packaging design and art direction.

Kissed earth

Real foods with no synthetic or artificial ingredients, sourced from the best places around the world, help us to heal our bodies and live to our full potential”. The belief behind Kissed Earth; a labour of love from the lovely Rachael Finch.

When we were engaged to bring this product into fruition and onto the shelves; to say we were excited, is an understatement! Our task was to refine the Kissed Earth logo, design the packaging labels and provide art direction for the launch. We wanted the suite of products to have a coherent, yet individual look that had a competitive edge in a flooded market of supplements and ‘super foods’. It needed to stand out and reflect its mission at a glance.

A new printing technique to incorporate a foil, matte and gloss finish to each label proved to be a key element in the finished product. The foil adds a premium touch, the matte finish links back to the natural and pure origins of the product, and the gloss layer adds the extra tactile dimension of quality. These three finishes combined with a soft and muted colour palette make Kissed Earth a beautiful statement on the shelves and your kitchen bench. 

With a focus on clean lines and tactile luxury, the final outcome is a contemporary and sophisticated product range that reinforces the quality and care put into the pure collagen inside. Each label contains a personal message from Rachael with her hand-written signature ‘signing off’ on every product. Kissed Earth is in its first week of pre-order and we are as proud and excited as Rachael to see the consumer response. Stay tuned!

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